Thursday, December 3, 2009

Frustrated Paratrooper!

Extreme Zip! Extreme Speed!
Outland Adventure Park
Maa, Davao City, Philippines.

Life is an Adventure, Live it.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Alaws lang..

alaWs lang.. post ko lang picture koh.. hahahha

Con todo porma pa.. sa beach lang pala punta.. hahaha


Thursday, September 24, 2009


hello my bloggie how are you today? got nothin to post eh, kaya ito kung anu ano n lng.. kung anong papasok sa isip ko un n un! matagal tagal na din di ako nakapagpost.. bc bchan eh!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Me and my Bigcat at Kusiong

Posing moments at the monument of D. Tomas Roales Y Requena De Carmona, Sevilla, EspaƱa somewhere in Brgy Kusiong Datu Odin Sinsuat Minicipality, Province of Maguindanao.

Monday, June 22, 2009

My New Bike.. Big Cat Panther!

Big Cat Panther Cross Country Racing setup, this frame is 7005 aluminum, it is an aerospace grade aluminum that is 5-10% stronger than 6061 aluminum that commonly used by other bike company. equip with Maxxis tires, Shimano and Santour Accessories. ready for the fun ride at Kiwa Adventure Park this coming Saturday!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Congrats tolits..

Congratulations to my friend tolits for winning 2nd place in veterans category last Sunday in a mountain bike Challenge for the 50th Araw ng Cotabato..

Monday, May 25, 2009

Rapu-rapu Falls

Nature at its best, 37 bikers really enjoyed in a very very cold rapu-rapu falls somewhere in mountainous region of Pigkawayan North Cotabato.

The boodle fight! we attacked at 1200hrs, we enjoyed 10kgs of pork, 5kgs of fish, 15kgs of rice, and buko salad for the dessert!

The Parking lot!

The View... A very nice place, exciting trails, we have crossed 6 rivers.

More Pictures here!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Upi Road Trip!

Finally got outside last Saturday, and put in some road miles. It was warm and sunny morning
when we (Tolits and Jay-r) headed southwest in mountainous region of Nuro, North Upi, Maguindanao, a 43.4kms ride from Cotabato City, it took us 2.5 hrs to reach Barangay Bugabungan, 7.4 kilometers from the Poblacion of Nuro. we ate our lunch there at Jimboy's House. we ate Tinolang Manok and Laeng! yummy! the road, uhmm... for me its not a road, but its a trail beacause it was rocky and it was muddy!I lost my water container while we descend in
Baranggay Darugao. but still I enjoyed it so much, took advantage of an afternoon ride
heading home with cold weather. We ended our ride with a cruise down to Tenorio and enjoy
the Scenery of lush green mountains.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Power Improvement

as an engine of my Human Powered Vehicle (HPV),A Specialized mountain bike that never lets me down every ride, after 4 times of weekly visit of 23km ride in Polloc Port, I can feel that my stamina and endurance in pedaling have a dramatic improvement.

In my 4th visit, I've noticed that I didn't take too much water, not too much rest, and can pedal with higher gears in uphills. I'm so happy with my improvements, even though I know I'm not strong enough, every weekend I train hard like they always say, "don't limit your challenge, challenge your Limits."

Last sunday, I made my fastest road record of 51km/hr as we descend in Pahm Resort, and I maintained a 32km/hr as we ride back home.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lesson I've Learned for better mountain biking!

1. If you have to ride across a questionable creek, first, make a friend go first. hahahaha! Second, take your gloves off. Nothing sucks more than falling over and submerging half your body in a cold creek...other than doing so with your gloves on, so will end up shaking!

2. No part of a trees tastes good.

3. Always bring cash.

4. Lower your saddle when you go downhill.

5. When exploring and "adventure riding", it is usually advisable to check the map before you get lost hundreds of feet along Trails.

6. A compass is a lot more useful in your pack rather than in the House.

7. Always check your water Container before leaving the House.

8. Cheap bikes are probably not meant to function as monster bike in the trail.

9. Always wear your Brain damage protection, gloves and shoes.

10. Bring sando bags or sacks for fruits or anything you may find along the way. hahaha.

11. Wear your arm warmer or long sleeve jersey in extreme temps.

12. Focus on the path, not in the obstacle.

13. Learn from your mistakes, when you fall take a moment to analyze what went wrong. Figure it out, so that it wont happen again.

14. Focus on the hill in front you, not the entire Hill.

15. Use the brain, for proper Mountain Biking process, formula: Stop + think + formulate a plan + Execute the Challenge = Success!

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Holy Week Biking!

April 4, saturday, we hit roads to trails again in tenorio, lomboy, dimapatoy area, tolits told me
that I need to master those trails. sabi nya "basta mag iingat ka lang, kung hindi, magiging preno ng bike mo ang face mo!" :laugh:
April 5, sunday, tolits and I had spent our hot sunny day in the white sand beach of Tapian, we have a great ride, great food, and nice temps!

April 8,Holy Thursday, was another visit to those good and suffering rocky trails! muntik nang maging kurbata ko ang dila ko sa pagod!:rolleyes: duh! but its Okay, I'd still made to go back home in good spirits.. :lol:
April 11,saturday, we're in Polloc, Parang, Maguindanao, we ate exotic seafoods there! har har har!

April 12, sunday,the sun is desperately trying to peek through the clouds. a nice weather for us, and reached Ambo beach in Landasan, Parang, Maguindanao with tolits and Dodoy..
Pagdating sa Kainan, para akong Marine Soldier.. I am the first to attack and the last to retreat in wars.. Walang sinabi ang 1 Kilong bigas sa aming tatlo sa isang kainan lang, wahahaha..

what an exhausting week! :lol:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Level up...

I'd Rather be mountain biking because a bad day on the trail is still better than a good day at the office.. My mountain bike addiction has brought me into a Higher level.. kumbaga sa drugs, di lang basta adik, kundi talamak na. hahaha actually meron pang another level, ung may sayad na. hahaha.

Saturday Morning we were greeted with a pretty hot sunny morning, Tolits and Jay-R forced me to join Them at the trails in Tenorio, Lomboy, Dimapatoy and Broce Area. at first, the run seemed to go pretty well, but for me, as a newbie rider, its was a disaster! I never thought that the trails are so inclined and rocky as hell! whew! and if you go downhill, the trails are also so declined full
of rocks and lost gravels, so its very slippery when you apply too much brakes,so just let the bike go free fall and enjoy the momentum, I'd almost call all saints I know! Its the first craziest and extreme ride Ive ever done, I got nervous but my Adrenaline rush helps me keep pedaling. for me its a hard "duathlon", there are some uphill parts of the mountain that I have to push my bike. I got Crash, luckily I've got no bruises or broken bones, I'm so happy that I made to navigate through those unimaginable rough terrains.its One hell of a ride, one of my best experience.

These Trails was recently used for tournaments, it demands the ultimate skill from the riders, who can maneuver their bikes extremely well. it demands a great physiological challenge. Obviously, These trails with variety of dangerous obstacles are for experts, and I'm so Proud that a beginner like me have Survived!

What a fantastic weekend! :lol:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

“A bike can change a life ….. it changed mine!”

When I was in high school, every summer I've spent my vacation selling firewood to save money for a new BMX (Bicycle Moto Cross) Bike with my cousin. sometimes we harvest kangkong and sell them
into Hog raisers and even hunting coconuts for copra hahaha.. in our two months of hard work I have saved enough for a new bike. so I bought my Bike before summer's over because I want to enjoy the rest of the days biking, we usually ride in the misty rain forest, Rocky farms, and nearby mountain region towns. classes just started, we ride to school, we ride to play. we hit off roads to trails every weekends to improved our Freeride skills.

When I got in college, I used to ride only on weekends and virtually turned this city into a playground, with new peeps to meet, a new challenge on-road course provides opportunity to put into practice of street skills to become dirt jumpers.after college I have easily found a job, a very busy job that I can't even ride on weekends, since then, I been very busy, so I gave my bike to my little bro,Even though I have quit biking but my Interest and feelings as a biker are always here within me.

Few months ago, I really felt like I want to pedal again, so I bought a 2nd hand mountain bike to start with. I'm addicted into biking again! when I'm awake I'm thinking of my bike and places that I want to go, and when I asleep I'm Dreaming of it naman, walang kawala hahahaha thats why I have many Sleepless Nights kasi na-overecxite ako..since I bought my "low budget bike" every weekends is one hell of adventure, takes me to great places and closer to nature. burn some calories, getting out of the urban jungle and into the wilderness and mountains, having fun with friends, acquiring fresh air during the weekends, visit some beaches, Im also Taking pictures while on our way or in our destination, a great way to improve my photography skills.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Want to know where your Mountain Bikes Really made?

Last night I was in our terrace, puffing a cigarette, an old friend, a neighbor, an adviser (kuno), a veteran biker, and I can say had a name in biking community here in the City, and used to be my idol, have discussed with me about my bike, "he" said, "matagal na ako nagbibisekleta, 90's pa lang my mountain bike na ako, kaya alam ko ang mga brand na sikat, maganda at matibay, wag lang sumama ang loob mo sa akin, pero yang bike mo, imitation lang yan, cguro made in china lang yan, itsura lang ang maganda jan kasi carbon painted siya, sa totoo lang, sa lahat ng imitation and Specialized ang pinakapangit at local."

Natahimik na lang ako, at sinakyan lang ang trip nya, akala nya siguro porke beterano na siya sa mundo biking, eh alam na niya lahat ng mga nangyayari sa Bicycle Industry. sabi ko na lang, wala akong magawa, kasi yan lang kaya ng budget ko sa ngayon. pag nagkapera, mag-a-upgrade din ako. I was very upset so made a little research and I’ve found out that some bike companies have a few secrets. And one of those secrets is where your bike is made or who actually made it. The bike companies like it that way because many of them rely upon the same factories to build their bikes! The big picture is pretty clear: around 95% of the bikes sold in the U.S. or maybe around the world are made in China or Taiwan by a handful of manufacturers of which Giant is the largest. Generally speaking, low to mid level bikes are made in China and mid to high level bikes are made in Taiwan. The exception is carbon; many manufacturers use Chinese manufacturers to make their carbon frames – even their high-end racing frames. When it comes to knowing where your bike is made, shouldn’t it be as easy as looking at the sticker on your bike or what is printed on the box in which your bike came? After all, how confusing can a label that says “Made in the USA” or “Made in France” or “Made in Italy” be?

Itong friend ko na to, may ari siya ng bike na galing sa sikat na bike company, pero na shocked ako sa nalaman ko na this US bike company has suffered from a financial crisis, at isa pa, mahal ang labor sa US kaya sa Taiwan sila nagpapagawa ng Bike parts nila, then from there isi-ship ito sa US, tapos tatatakan ng "made in USA", tapos sa US na iaassemble.

It's hard to believe that American Bikes such as Trek Bikes (also owns Fisher, LeMond, Klein, and Bontrager), Merida, Ideal, Kona, Specialized, Scott USA,and Cannondale. Orbea (Shipped to Spain for assembly), Jamis (just designed is the US), Masi, Haro, Kenstone. Italian Bikes such as Pinarello, Colnago, Bianchi (shipped to Italy for painting and assembly) are made in ASIA.

Dorel purchased Pacific Cycle (owns Schwinn, Mongoose, and GT Bicycle brands) in 2004 for $200M USD. also made in Asia, and many other bikes that never share their secret yet.

Made in Asia because some parts are made in Malaysia, Taiwan, China.

All This BIG names in Bikes are produced in Taiwan by key suppliers Hodaka and Giant.

Oh huh? Iba iba ang Bike Company Names Taiwan lang din pala nanggaling hahahaha!

they just mold the first part and send them to Taiwan for mass production!

Ikaw? sure ka ba san galing bike mo?? hehehe..

Monday, March 30, 2009

Anghel de la Guadia - so others may live!

meron akong kwento, pero di ko alam paano ko ito sisimulan, hirap talaga pag nag-writer-writeran ka lang... ahahaha.. pano ba? uhmm.. kasi ganto un.. nagaayos ako kagabi ng mga collection ko ng DVD (mga Pirated sshhhh hehehe) kasi sobrang kalat na dun sa box na lalagyan nya, nakita ko dun ung movie na "The Guardian" 2006 pa yan starring Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher, biglang may naalala ako nung College pa ako, year 2000 nun at katatapos lang ng intrams namin, ang team namin ang nanalong overall champion. sabado ng hapon, awarding that time at nagusap-usap kami na mag-bbeach kami kinabukasan.
so ayon, natuloy nga ang plano namin, maaga kami sa Beach, kasi halos lahat excited na maglalaro ng beach volleyball at First time yun na magkakasama kaming magkaklase. pagdating namin dun kanya-kanyang trip na, merong naligo agad, may naglaro, may nagchess, tumutugtog ng gitara, may nag-iinuman, may naglalandian, naglalampungan at xempre ako kumain na agad! dami ng food eh hehehe..after ko kumain, umupo ako sa shore,sa ilalim ng malaking puno ng accacia habang nagyoyosi, nakatingin sa mga magandang tanawin in short nakatingin sa mga Chika Babes ehehe.. sa dami ng babae dun, kapansin pansin talaga itong Katherine, long black hair, sexy, maputi, basta maganda siya.. dami din nakatingin kay Katherine at marami na ding umaaligid at umeepal sa paningin ko, kaya hanggang tingin na lang ako kay miss beautiful. hanggang sa pinilit akong maligo ng mga close friends koh, at kinaladkad ako sa tubig, hindi ako masyadong gumagalaw sa tubig, nakababad lang ako, nakatayo habang nanonood sa kanila na lumalagoy, di ko namalayan na si Katherine eh nasa likuran ko na,nakasakay siya salva bida niya, kasama ang isang friend nya,maya maya pa biglang tumaob ung salva vida, bale wala lang sa akin kc akala ko pareho silang marunong lumangoy, eh yun pala si Katherine di marunong, nalulunod si Kat! ako ung pinakamalapit kaya to the rescue agad si pogi, hahawakan ko sana siya sa damit or sa hair nya pero naunahan nya akong hawakan sa kamay! hinihila nya ako at pareho na kaming nalulunod! my goodness! nagpupumiglas pa ako, para malaman nya na wag akong hawakan, kung pwede ko lang sabihin sa kanya sa mga sandaling yon na, "Ililigtas kita promise, Basta wag mo lang akong hawakan" grrr.. mabuti nalang nabitawan nya ako at nahila ko siya palapit sa salva Vida nya. nung kumapit na siya sa salva vida niya saka ko hinila sa shore. tapos umupo siya,umiiyak at naghahabol ng hininga,nanlalambot, sobrang nakakaawa tingnan, and the saddest part of that the story is that i'd risk everything! i'd risk my own life for her! pero wala man lang ako narinig kahit simpleng pasasalamat man lang from her,pero ok lang un, di ko naman siya niligtas para magkautang na loob siya sa akin or something, ang importante ginawa ko ang part ko, at ang sarap sarap ng pakiramdam ng may taong niligtas mo ang buhay, till the rest of the semester hindi ako pinansin ni Kat, haaayss.. those were the days... isang nakakatuwang karanasan na pwede kong ikwento at ipagmayabang habang ako ay nabubuhay.bow.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Earth Hour

Switching Off for Earth Hour, 8:30PM local time, wherever you live on planet earth. Saturday 28 March 2009.

me and my dabarkads already planned for a bonggang bonggang mamam to death on that hour. :toast: :laugh:

Street Words 2


1. Derived from the combined words daing (salted fish), tuyo (a type of dried fish) and itlog (egg). Dyolog then became Jolog, a term for someone who is tacky, but implied in a more negative tone and often referred to people who belong to the lower class of society.

2. "Baduy", "skwating", tacky, teeny-bopper wannabe

3. Someone from the lower class of society who tries to be cool but ends up a failure and in turn becomes a "jolog"

4. Anything or anyone associated with things that are "pang-masa" (for the masses)


-Those people at SM are so jologs! They're probably from the squatter's area.
-Yuck! What is she wearing? Those chokers are soooo jologs.
-Omigod! She's like a fan of Jolina? That's so jolog!
-What a trying hard wannabe. Freaking jolog.
-ABS-CBN is soooo jologs. And Judy Anne Santos is just about the queen of jologs. Well... second to Jolina anyway.

Tom Jones

Extremely hungry / extreme hunger.


I have not eaten since breakfast. Tom Jones na ko!


is a Hiphop clothing company founded in 1992. FUBU is an acronym for "For Us, By Us"

But here in the Philippines. FUBU means "FUcking "BUddies"


Me and my Best Friends are fucking buddies.


I don't care!
Wala akong paki!

Your mother will get mad! "Keber!"
Magagalit ang ermats mo! "keber ko!"

Erpat / Ermat

Tagalog slang for father. If you reverse the syllables, it says "pater" which is kind of close.
Same with Ermat, slang for Mother.


I was beaten by my dad last night...
Binugbog ako ng erpat ko kagabi...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Heat Stroke 2

The Earth is heating up. The early warning signs of global climate change are in -- heat waves and warmer weather, spreading disease, earlier spring arrival.

March 22, 2009, Sunday at 1:oo pm, one of the employee here at the city hall under the office of the City Heath, collapse and died while he's on his way into their bathroom, and previously, a cop also reported died in heat stroke here in the city.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Street Words


(Adjective)A person who goes into a situation wherein his presence is not needed or in a place he does not belong. This person may be annoying or not in that instance.

Boy 1:"Anong ginagawa niyang gagong yan diyan?"
Boy 2:"Wala. Epal na naman."

Boy 1:"What's the hell is that fool doin' there?"
Boy 2:"Nothing. Epal again."


"This word is used when a person gets loud and rude."

some history

The word "AMP/AMF" was first used in the Philippines by the time Ragnarok Online is on it's boom. It is a shortened version of the Filipino phrase "ang puta!/amfuta!" which means "the bitch!" used by Filipinos to express anger and dissapointed on a situation or in some cases just to add intensity to a statement. It is also used the same way "damn!", "shit!" words are used by the Americans.

Since, "ang puta!" or "putang ina" are considered bad words or a swear phrase in the Filipino culture
swear words: used putang ina mo! (your mother is a bitch)

it is filtered in the game Ragnarok (pRO) to prevent swearing/insulting other players.
And the "amp" word was born as a workaround to express the phrase without being filtered by Ragnarok Online.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Heat Stroke??

Got this pic minutes ago at the back of City Hall..
damang dama na din ng mga hayop ang heat ng summer,

Little Baguio Fun Ride

my friend Bonnie, feel na feel ang fresh, cold, no pollution breeze...
Walang ingay kundi mga Huni lang ng mga ibon..
sa ganda ng view, di maiwasang mag take pic instead
na pumadyak pa ng ilang milya..
View ng Cotabato city, palatandaan namin ang PC Hill

kita mo?? Zigzag Road + Cliff = tense + cold sweat + Happy + Priceless Moments...

Saturday morning fun ride at Km 16,
uphill and narrow roads along the cliff,
and this is bound to Upi, Maguindanao,,
the summer capital of south central mindanao,
Sobrang ginaw d2..thats why locals called this place, litel bagyo :laugh:

Quote of the Day:

"Daig ng maagap ang masipag, Daig ng makapal ang maagap"

Friday, March 20, 2009


haaayy... :pacute: pautang naman jan, wala na ako money:laugh:

Oh ha?? wag ng Pumalag.. heheh

Your Brain is Rational

Structured and organized, you have a knack for thinking clearly.

You are very logical - and you don't let your thoughts get polluted with emotions.

And while your thoughts are pretty serious, they're anything from boring.

It's minds like yours that have built the great cities of the world!



Your Deadly Sins

Sloth: 60%

Greed: 20%

Lust: 20%

Wrath: 20%

Envy: 0%

Gluttony: 0%

Pride: 0%

Chance You'll Go to Hell: 17%

You will get bugs, because you're too lazy to shoo them off. And then you'll die.

How Sinful Are You?

Hahaha this is Bullshit!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


LSS ko ulit ngaung araw..


wala kasing pera kaya kung ano ano na cnasabi ko ahahahaha,
walang basagan ng trip.. :laugh:
happy viewing na lang mga friendship :lol:


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Haorizi Cigarettes

A pasalubong from a Chinese friend, pag tinikman mo, sa umpisa, ok lang, parang malboro pero kapag nangalahati nah ung stick, mararamdaman mo na ung tapang nya, masakit na sa lalamunan, at parang mahirap nang hithitin, feeling ko, nahihilo ako that time, and since galing siya ng China eh nagbibiruan kami na my melamine :lol: siguro mataas lang talaga ang nicotine content nya, or bka my formaldehyde kasi ive heard na my cigarette sa market na meron nun, kasi sa marlboro kaya kong magyosi ng 3 stick straight, pero sa Haorizi, 1 stick pa lang prang ayaw ko na ubusin eh, after 30 mins, feeling ko nanghihina na ako, inaantok, binigyan ko ung isang friend ko, naubos nya ung 1 stick, after 1 hour sumakit ang ulo nya :lol: ayun natulog na lang ng maaga, tapos sinisi ako kinabukasan hahahha :laugh:

Press Release

As we are obliged to sustain the interest of taking the peace process forward, it is, however, equally necessary for us to put across our reasons why we did not show up in the ensuring Tripartite (OIC-GRP-MNLF) meetings attending the opening program on March 11, 2009. For the enlightenment of all concerned, the reasons that pervade our positions are:

1. The MNLF is not meeting with the principal counterpart (GRP) but the Front is being drawn to negotiate with its own people.

2. With Misuari alone dictating his terms being unconscionable and hard on the original, organic seniors leader of the MNLF, the Tripartite meeting will only create a gravely biased resolution for the unity of the Bangsamoro people to worsen all the more the situation.

3. It is somewhat thought provoking how the government emaciated the MNLF and prevented it from exercising its right and dominion over the autonomous government Worse still, Misuari has been rearing his ugly head causing an impediment to the development of peace.

4. The MNLF senior leaders and organic members are refused by Misuari to participate the Tripartite Meeting because he has replaced them by non-MNLF personalities.

5. What could really be called as the Final Peace Agreement when the final one was already signed on September 2, 1996? The Peace Agreement is not Final at all because the review of the implementation of the Peace Agreement id turning out to be renegotiation. The actual circumstances are so revealing that all parties involved to include us are contending with a problematic, intractable, incorrigible Misuari.

6. The measures employed in pushing the peace process forward have not really been rationalized and harmonized among the parties involved because sincerity has not been the bottom line of addressing the problem.

7. Equally rationalize and harmonize first the MNLF and the MILF relations and positions before holding the Tripartite Meeting since the MILF is now considerably in the equation of our major problem.

Considering seriously above-stated reasons, we will wait for what really is the formula of the Tripartite Organization on how to deal with current problems, praying that the viable answers to the issue and concerns will fairly serve all the interest and involvement of all stakeholders of peace and development.



Moro National Liberation Front

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New MNLF holds first command conference

COTABATO CITY, Philippines–The Moro National Liberation Front under the new leadership of Cotabato City Mayor Muslimin G. Sema held its First Command Conference last 7 March 2009 at Pasil, Indanan, Sulu right at the residence and home place of the reconfirmed Bangsamoro Armed Forces (BAF) Chief of Staff Yusop Jikiri who is also Congressman of Sulu.

As part of the reorganizational process in order to bring back the mainstream MNLF into a better shape, the holding of the Command Conference has given a new dimension of strength to the military organization of the MNLF as it steadfastly prepare to protect the lives and properties of the Bangsamoro People in their aspiration for peace and prosperity and as a sovereign people in their homeland.

The conference was attended by almost two hundred veteran fighters from different state committees in the entire Mindanao area, including senior leaders and members of the Central Committee since the time of Nur Misuari until he bolted out from the mainstream MNLF and founded another group with new breed of leaders.

Gracing the conference as the Commander-in-Chief of the Bangsamoro Armed Forces, MNLF Chairman Muslimin Sema came all the way from mainland Mindanao together with his military entourage and was warmly welcomed by Jolo Mayor Hussin Amin who publicly stated during a press conference his support for Sema’s leadership.

“The majority of the old members and cadres of the MNLF are seen around with Mayor Sema. I believe that this group is the majority and the minority should follow,” Amin said.

During the conference proper, Chairman Sema centered his speech on how to preserve the gains of 1996 GRP-MNLF Final Peace Agreement. He repeatedly emphasized that they were “here to solidify the strength of the Moro National Liberation Front in order to win in the battle of the peace process so that we may able to leave a legacy of a genuine peace for our children”. However, he also remarked that “in the course of struggle, if we can not win this fight for peace through the realization of the Final Peace Agreement, we are afraid that our generations to come might carry the culture of war in their minds and will continue another decade, if not centuries of war.”

BAF Chief of Staff Yusop Jikiri called for unity and military discipline at this point and stressed that “No one is above the law, (and) while we adopted the Charter of the MNLF, any decision taken which involved particularly military matters, should be in consultation with the ground commanders.”

Many consider the recently held Command Conference as breakthrough for the mainstream MNLF to push through with the revitalization of the rank and file of its military organization.

Sema said they are doing this kind of activity to find better ways on how they can effectively contribute as peace partner of the government.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Just Another Day Without you

Just Another Day..
Jon Secada

Morning alone
When you come home
I breath a little faster
Every time were together
Itd never be the same
If youre not here
How can you stay away, away so long.

Why cant we stay together
Give me a reason
Give me a reason.

I, I dont wanna say it
I dont wanna find another way
Make it trough the day without you
I, I cant resist
Try to find exactly what I missed
Its just another day without you
Its just another day oh

Making the time
Find the right lines
To make you stay forever
What do I have to tell you

Im just trying to hold on to something
(trying to hold on to something good)
Oh give us a chance to make it.
To make it no no no

Dont wanna hold on to never
Im not that strong
Im not that strong.

I, I dont wanna say it
I dont wanna find another way
Make it trough the day without you
I, I cant resist
Trying to find exactly what I missed
Its just another day without you.

Why cant you stay forever
Just give me a reason
Give me a reason.

LSS ko ngaun..
Bakit kaya??

Video link Here..

JenG's Eyes

A Poem For JenG :giggle:
Thanks to Midori sa pag ayos ng POem!
:salute: Hail Hitler Dude!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our Ride..

Hmm.. ngaun ko lang napost.. sobrang Busy eh, hehehe, March 1 2009 pa ito, sunday, nagbisekleta kmi ng isang oras at trenta minutos, o 21 kilometro sa brgy ng Polloc, Parang, Maguindanao.. nakisama naman ang panahon at di gaanong mainit.. nagrent kmi ng Cottage.. <50>, tapos bumili kami ng Swordfish na inihiaw namin pra sa aming lunch.. after naming kumain.. nagpahinga na kami, pero masarap ang hangin at dahil dun inaantok kaming apat nina Roger, Kokoy at Dodoy, kaya naligo na kmi..

after ilang minuto pa, lumipat na kmi sa pier mismo, kc gusto naming mag-dive.. hahaha.. kasama ng ibang mga bata na nandun.. pero hindi kami nagpakapagod kase magbibisekleta pa kmi pauwi, another 21 kms na naman un.. :whew:
Next stop namin ay sa Sitio Talisay, mga 1 kilometro lang ang lau mula sa pier pero mahirap ang trail.. mejo maputik mabato at paakyat sya sa burol.. pagadating namin sa talisay, kumain kmi ng mga exotic foods like Sea Cucumber, Sea Orchin at Seaweeds.. kumain kami ng kumain hahaha.. 3:45 ng hapon nung nagpasya na kaming umuwi.. kapal na ng ulap at parang babagsak na ang ulan.. at sa daan, pag my nadadaanan kaming mga bata, lahat cla iisa lang ang sinisigaw..
"Idol" wala din akong Idea kung bkit Idol ang itinatawag nila sa mga bikers.. :giggle: pagdating namin d2 sa City, sobrang pagod kmi, at xempre, kumain na naman ulit.. pagod na pagod kmi that time, masakit ang katawan, pero worth it naman, kasi sobrang nag enjoy kami.. next sunday hopefully, papasyal naman kami sa isang beach sa Brgy landasan, Parang, Maguindanao Din.. :lol:

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

US Ambassador Kristie Anne Kenney

ito ung pinagbc-bchan ko ngaun araw.. :rolleyes:

Monday, March 2, 2009

Angel in Disguise

Pra sa demonyitang puta!

My Nightmare

isa kang bangungot punyeta ka! pweh!

Ghost of You

pra sa mumu kong X :laugh:

Angel of Death

lamunin ka na sana ng lupa, baliw na nilalang!

Feel my Fucking Pain

pra sa putang inang tatay koh!

Friday, February 27, 2009

my pers eber tula, tinulungan ako ni doray nyan.. ahahaha

Pangalawang Post

wala lang din, paki mo ba?? :rolleyes:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Unang Post..

Subok lng... :lol: wala magawa ngaung araw.. :laugh:
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