Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Level up...

I'd Rather be mountain biking because a bad day on the trail is still better than a good day at the office.. My mountain bike addiction has brought me into a Higher level.. kumbaga sa drugs, di lang basta adik, kundi talamak na. hahaha actually meron pang another level, ung may sayad na. hahaha.

Saturday Morning we were greeted with a pretty hot sunny morning, Tolits and Jay-R forced me to join Them at the trails in Tenorio, Lomboy, Dimapatoy and Broce Area. at first, the run seemed to go pretty well, but for me, as a newbie rider, its was a disaster! I never thought that the trails are so inclined and rocky as hell! whew! and if you go downhill, the trails are also so declined full
of rocks and lost gravels, so its very slippery when you apply too much brakes,so just let the bike go free fall and enjoy the momentum, I'd almost call all saints I know! Its the first craziest and extreme ride Ive ever done, I got nervous but my Adrenaline rush helps me keep pedaling. for me its a hard "duathlon", there are some uphill parts of the mountain that I have to push my bike. I got Crash, luckily I've got no bruises or broken bones, I'm so happy that I made to navigate through those unimaginable rough terrains.its One hell of a ride, one of my best experience.

These Trails was recently used for tournaments, it demands the ultimate skill from the riders, who can maneuver their bikes extremely well. it demands a great physiological challenge. Obviously, These trails with variety of dangerous obstacles are for experts, and I'm so Proud that a beginner like me have Survived!

What a fantastic weekend! :lol:

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