Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lesson I've Learned for better mountain biking!

1. If you have to ride across a questionable creek, first, make a friend go first. hahahaha! Second, take your gloves off. Nothing sucks more than falling over and submerging half your body in a cold creek...other than doing so with your gloves on, so will end up shaking!

2. No part of a trees tastes good.

3. Always bring cash.

4. Lower your saddle when you go downhill.

5. When exploring and "adventure riding", it is usually advisable to check the map before you get lost hundreds of feet along Trails.

6. A compass is a lot more useful in your pack rather than in the House.

7. Always check your water Container before leaving the House.

8. Cheap bikes are probably not meant to function as monster bike in the trail.

9. Always wear your Brain damage protection, gloves and shoes.

10. Bring sando bags or sacks for fruits or anything you may find along the way. hahaha.

11. Wear your arm warmer or long sleeve jersey in extreme temps.

12. Focus on the path, not in the obstacle.

13. Learn from your mistakes, when you fall take a moment to analyze what went wrong. Figure it out, so that it wont happen again.

14. Focus on the hill in front you, not the entire Hill.

15. Use the brain, for proper Mountain Biking process, formula: Stop + think + formulate a plan + Execute the Challenge = Success!

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