Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Power Improvement

as an engine of my Human Powered Vehicle (HPV),A Specialized mountain bike that never lets me down every ride, after 4 times of weekly visit of 23km ride in Polloc Port, I can feel that my stamina and endurance in pedaling have a dramatic improvement.

In my 4th visit, I've noticed that I didn't take too much water, not too much rest, and can pedal with higher gears in uphills. I'm so happy with my improvements, even though I know I'm not strong enough, every weekend I train hard like they always say, "don't limit your challenge, challenge your Limits."

Last sunday, I made my fastest road record of 51km/hr as we descend in Pahm Resort, and I maintained a 32km/hr as we ride back home.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lesson I've Learned for better mountain biking!

1. If you have to ride across a questionable creek, first, make a friend go first. hahahaha! Second, take your gloves off. Nothing sucks more than falling over and submerging half your body in a cold creek...other than doing so with your gloves on, so will end up shaking!

2. No part of a trees tastes good.

3. Always bring cash.

4. Lower your saddle when you go downhill.

5. When exploring and "adventure riding", it is usually advisable to check the map before you get lost hundreds of feet along Trails.

6. A compass is a lot more useful in your pack rather than in the House.

7. Always check your water Container before leaving the House.

8. Cheap bikes are probably not meant to function as monster bike in the trail.

9. Always wear your Brain damage protection, gloves and shoes.

10. Bring sando bags or sacks for fruits or anything you may find along the way. hahaha.

11. Wear your arm warmer or long sleeve jersey in extreme temps.

12. Focus on the path, not in the obstacle.

13. Learn from your mistakes, when you fall take a moment to analyze what went wrong. Figure it out, so that it wont happen again.

14. Focus on the hill in front you, not the entire Hill.

15. Use the brain, for proper Mountain Biking process, formula: Stop + think + formulate a plan + Execute the Challenge = Success!

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Holy Week Biking!

April 4, saturday, we hit roads to trails again in tenorio, lomboy, dimapatoy area, tolits told me
that I need to master those trails. sabi nya "basta mag iingat ka lang, kung hindi, magiging preno ng bike mo ang face mo!" :laugh:
April 5, sunday, tolits and I had spent our hot sunny day in the white sand beach of Tapian, we have a great ride, great food, and nice temps!

April 8,Holy Thursday, was another visit to those good and suffering rocky trails! muntik nang maging kurbata ko ang dila ko sa pagod!:rolleyes: duh! but its Okay, I'd still made to go back home in good spirits.. :lol:
April 11,saturday, we're in Polloc, Parang, Maguindanao, we ate exotic seafoods there! har har har!

April 12, sunday,the sun is desperately trying to peek through the clouds. a nice weather for us, and reached Ambo beach in Landasan, Parang, Maguindanao with tolits and Dodoy..
Pagdating sa Kainan, para akong Marine Soldier.. I am the first to attack and the last to retreat in wars.. Walang sinabi ang 1 Kilong bigas sa aming tatlo sa isang kainan lang, wahahaha..

what an exhausting week! :lol:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Level up...

I'd Rather be mountain biking because a bad day on the trail is still better than a good day at the office.. My mountain bike addiction has brought me into a Higher level.. kumbaga sa drugs, di lang basta adik, kundi talamak na. hahaha actually meron pang another level, ung may sayad na. hahaha.

Saturday Morning we were greeted with a pretty hot sunny morning, Tolits and Jay-R forced me to join Them at the trails in Tenorio, Lomboy, Dimapatoy and Broce Area. at first, the run seemed to go pretty well, but for me, as a newbie rider, its was a disaster! I never thought that the trails are so inclined and rocky as hell! whew! and if you go downhill, the trails are also so declined full
of rocks and lost gravels, so its very slippery when you apply too much brakes,so just let the bike go free fall and enjoy the momentum, I'd almost call all saints I know! Its the first craziest and extreme ride Ive ever done, I got nervous but my Adrenaline rush helps me keep pedaling. for me its a hard "duathlon", there are some uphill parts of the mountain that I have to push my bike. I got Crash, luckily I've got no bruises or broken bones, I'm so happy that I made to navigate through those unimaginable rough terrains.its One hell of a ride, one of my best experience.

These Trails was recently used for tournaments, it demands the ultimate skill from the riders, who can maneuver their bikes extremely well. it demands a great physiological challenge. Obviously, These trails with variety of dangerous obstacles are for experts, and I'm so Proud that a beginner like me have Survived!

What a fantastic weekend! :lol:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

“A bike can change a life ….. it changed mine!”

When I was in high school, every summer I've spent my vacation selling firewood to save money for a new BMX (Bicycle Moto Cross) Bike with my cousin. sometimes we harvest kangkong and sell them
into Hog raisers and even hunting coconuts for copra hahaha.. in our two months of hard work I have saved enough for a new bike. so I bought my Bike before summer's over because I want to enjoy the rest of the days biking, we usually ride in the misty rain forest, Rocky farms, and nearby mountain region towns. classes just started, we ride to school, we ride to play. we hit off roads to trails every weekends to improved our Freeride skills.

When I got in college, I used to ride only on weekends and virtually turned this city into a playground, with new peeps to meet, a new challenge on-road course provides opportunity to put into practice of street skills to become dirt jumpers.after college I have easily found a job, a very busy job that I can't even ride on weekends, since then, I been very busy, so I gave my bike to my little bro,Even though I have quit biking but my Interest and feelings as a biker are always here within me.

Few months ago, I really felt like I want to pedal again, so I bought a 2nd hand mountain bike to start with. I'm addicted into biking again! when I'm awake I'm thinking of my bike and places that I want to go, and when I asleep I'm Dreaming of it naman, walang kawala hahahaha thats why I have many Sleepless Nights kasi na-overecxite ako..since I bought my "low budget bike" every weekends is one hell of adventure, takes me to great places and closer to nature. burn some calories, getting out of the urban jungle and into the wilderness and mountains, having fun with friends, acquiring fresh air during the weekends, visit some beaches, Im also Taking pictures while on our way or in our destination, a great way to improve my photography skills.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Want to know where your Mountain Bikes Really made?

Last night I was in our terrace, puffing a cigarette, an old friend, a neighbor, an adviser (kuno), a veteran biker, and I can say had a name in biking community here in the City, and used to be my idol, have discussed with me about my bike, "he" said, "matagal na ako nagbibisekleta, 90's pa lang my mountain bike na ako, kaya alam ko ang mga brand na sikat, maganda at matibay, wag lang sumama ang loob mo sa akin, pero yang bike mo, imitation lang yan, cguro made in china lang yan, itsura lang ang maganda jan kasi carbon painted siya, sa totoo lang, sa lahat ng imitation and Specialized ang pinakapangit at local."

Natahimik na lang ako, at sinakyan lang ang trip nya, akala nya siguro porke beterano na siya sa mundo biking, eh alam na niya lahat ng mga nangyayari sa Bicycle Industry. sabi ko na lang, wala akong magawa, kasi yan lang kaya ng budget ko sa ngayon. pag nagkapera, mag-a-upgrade din ako. I was very upset so made a little research and I’ve found out that some bike companies have a few secrets. And one of those secrets is where your bike is made or who actually made it. The bike companies like it that way because many of them rely upon the same factories to build their bikes! The big picture is pretty clear: around 95% of the bikes sold in the U.S. or maybe around the world are made in China or Taiwan by a handful of manufacturers of which Giant is the largest. Generally speaking, low to mid level bikes are made in China and mid to high level bikes are made in Taiwan. The exception is carbon; many manufacturers use Chinese manufacturers to make their carbon frames – even their high-end racing frames. When it comes to knowing where your bike is made, shouldn’t it be as easy as looking at the sticker on your bike or what is printed on the box in which your bike came? After all, how confusing can a label that says “Made in the USA” or “Made in France” or “Made in Italy” be?

Itong friend ko na to, may ari siya ng bike na galing sa sikat na bike company, pero na shocked ako sa nalaman ko na this US bike company has suffered from a financial crisis, at isa pa, mahal ang labor sa US kaya sa Taiwan sila nagpapagawa ng Bike parts nila, then from there isi-ship ito sa US, tapos tatatakan ng "made in USA", tapos sa US na iaassemble.

It's hard to believe that American Bikes such as Trek Bikes (also owns Fisher, LeMond, Klein, and Bontrager), Merida, Ideal, Kona, Specialized, Scott USA,and Cannondale. Orbea (Shipped to Spain for assembly), Jamis (just designed is the US), Masi, Haro, Kenstone. Italian Bikes such as Pinarello, Colnago, Bianchi (shipped to Italy for painting and assembly) are made in ASIA.

Dorel purchased Pacific Cycle (owns Schwinn, Mongoose, and GT Bicycle brands) in 2004 for $200M USD. also made in Asia, and many other bikes that never share their secret yet.

Made in Asia because some parts are made in Malaysia, Taiwan, China.

All This BIG names in Bikes are produced in Taiwan by key suppliers Hodaka and Giant.

Oh huh? Iba iba ang Bike Company Names Taiwan lang din pala nanggaling hahahaha!

they just mold the first part and send them to Taiwan for mass production!

Ikaw? sure ka ba san galing bike mo?? hehehe..

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